I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard of the ‘addictive personality’. You know, when a person goes from one fixation to the next? (That’s probably not the best definition in the whole world but let’s go with it) What’s intriguing about this labelling system is the sheer idea that we need it in the first place. Surely being passionate about many things is great and not a disorder? Or maybe it’s truly a dangerous thing to be so flippant or so engrossed in an addiction. I suppose the object or subject to which the addiction is associated with is where the danger lies…actually I’m sure of it – duh! 

This trait can be self-destructive. To excuse it as a disorder is one thing but to tolerate its harmful side is a whole other story. Addiction becomes a dependable trait…it’s soul consuming until, in some cases, one may find that they feel obsolete, nullified…without purpose (except to fulfill the said addiction.) What is good about addiction? Not much at all, really.

The label is confusing. I suppose it’s up to who’s interpreting what it means in the first place, or the context in which it is said in, but the term still stinks. Clearly, I dislike it to the point of making an issue about it but, to me, it can never be a fabulous thing to tell someone. Unless, of course, if you’re saying someone’s personality is addictive to YOU, that you love it so much it’s becoming an addiction for you to be around it.

I’m sure I’m going to hell in a duffel bag for saying it, because the definition I’ve given is not exactly “clinically correct”…but I think the term demeans people and makes them feel truly hopeless about themselves. Bad, I say, bad! I don’t think diagnosis solves much, not in mental health anyway. It just incurs more worry…

That is all, for the moment…


– C

{P.S. Again, sorry about the absence. Life and its drudgery can be a huge road block at times.}


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Art for Arp’s sake…

Get ready for my Sunday complaint, people…

Topic: The meaning of life, (big surprise).

“…and it went wherever I did go.” The Monty Python boys in their prime, “The meaning of life”, (1983).

What else is there to think about on a Sunday, really? Probably politics or whether or not to have a Nanna nap before the news…

However, as this is what I like to call an ‘inanimate day’, (naturally feeling bad for those poor chefs and bus drivers), it got me thinking about our incessant need to ‘mean’ things. It’s as if we must prove ourselves to those countless others who are attempting to prove themselves at the same time to others who are proving themselves to everyone else! Confusing and badly expressed, right? 

“Look, Marge, I have an opinion on your opinion about sheep…”

“That’s all very well, Bob, but I’ll top that with some fact that the media has brain washed me into thinking so that I can prove how my opinion truly triumphs in validity over yours.”

Big who cares!

Yes, it’s important to have an opinion and yes it’s important to have your reasons, but it’s truly stomach turning when someone imposes their beliefs on others in order to change everybody’s way of thinking. On this side note I’d like to add that open-mindedness is the key. Obviously it’s hard to do, especially if you fancy yourself a writer, however it’s necessary in order to learn. I say take off those arrogant blinkers, you’re no better than the guy who’s lost his entire life savings, sitting in the gutter and asking for money.

Express yourself. Let’s all be absurd. Take a sponge, rub it in the dirt outside, frame it and title it: “An act of vengeance“. Afterall, meaning is formulated or invented.

Then again, don’t we just make it up as we go along, sticking to routines and ‘have-tos’ along the way?

What did that eccentric exhibitionist Salvador Dali say?

“The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents”.


Then again he did say that money was a glory. The Surrealist Manifesto states surrealism as being, “the dictation of thought in the absence of all control“. Relevance? He had a boundary free existence and thought without ‘thinking’, so to speak. Now THAT is the definition of open-mindedness…

Art should be boundless.

That is all for now. It’s not thoroughly insightful, I apologise. It seems I’m yet to find fluidity and consistency in this medium. It’s all about confidence, I suppose.


– C


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Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be born today…

You’d always have a great opening line at a party and you’d be known as ‘lucky’, (or something to that extent). I’ve always had a thing about patterns or subjects that I deem to be special but to others may seem somewhat anticlimatic. In any case, I’m sure there will be a spectacular occurrence today. Let’s hope it’s nothing disastrously awful like a terrorist attack in Delhi or some horrid natural disaster occurring in a country that can barely support itself…

Having an incredibly carnal belief system, I still give way to Fatalism from time to time. Everything happens for a reason. Today is special. Think about it, this awesome sequence will only occur twice again in our lifetime:

The eleventh of November next year and the twelfth of December the year following.



Do something out of the ordinary today. If anything, today is an excuse to start changing your life for the better. You know that thing you’ve been putting off for years and years? Get cracking! I believe in the power of motivation. It works in the same way as apathy. It’s all about excuses. Turn them into a positive. Say – hey, here’s what I’m going to do – I’m going to start my diet today, I’m going to sign with a charity, I’m going to go for a job that I deserve.

Thank you, Nike.

On a side note: I’d like to apologise for my recent rambling absence. It seems that life happens all at once or in short, inconvenient bursts. Nevertheless, I’m making my way back, slowly but surely.

Wish me luck.

Also, a word to the wise, budgerigars make an awful racket. Having recently purchased one, I thought it best to advise anyone who is aiming for some peace and quiet not to go out and buy a little, colourful beak because they’re chirpy to the extent that your ears may bleed a little…


– C

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Film review: “Easy A”…

Emma Stone is the new Lindsay Lohan!

Emma Stone, (Olive), in "Easy A".

It’s about time Hollywood produced another sexy, husky voiced, red haired, teen movie star. Don’t you think? In any case, Emma Stone is brilliant in this film…

Despite the blatant “teen drama” classification Easy A has received, I found it to be pretty damn hilarious. Sure, you can say that my admittance about the film’s comedic value speaks volumes about my maturity level, but it was funny without being stupid and there’s nothing wrong with that.

With a backward and painfully obvious allusion to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlett Letter, the film has a successful and sustainable plot line. It certainly works, as far as a comedic-drama goes, and it’s definitely fun to watch. Nevertheless, the film brought me back to a point about creativity, in our day and age, that I have a big problem with…

It’s all been done before.

If it’s not based on a ‘kitchy’ eighties teen drama, or a classic story about the complications that can come from religious values, what is it? Is there any original thought anymore or are there just snippets of stories amalgamated to fuse an amusing comedy?

For me, I want to watch something truly original, (if there is such a thing). Of course, I didn’t go into the movie theatre this afternoon with the highest of expectations. I still think true creativity is something worth aiming for. Come on, writers, shoot for the stars!

Easy A is worth seeing, perhaps not at the movies, but on those nights-in to pass the time with the family. I, for one, am looking forward to what Emma is capable of doing with her acting career. Let’s just hope she doesn’t go down the same path as poor old Lindsay…

A pathetic publicity stunt? Let's hope so...


– C




"Easy A" in cinemas now.

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Review: “The Other Guys”…

Save your money, it's not that funny. "The Other Guys" dir. Adam McKay

It just doesn’t work.

As I walked out of the movie theatre, while it was still in session, I figured out some possible reasons to why I felt so negatively about the film’s supposed hilarity.

Firstly, the two leading roles had zero chemistry. Mark Wahlberg was cast in a much more stronger and overbearing role than Will Farrell. Surely McKay should have questioned this. Afterall, Farrell is the type of comedian that needs to take the more domineering comedic role – just take a look at Anchorman. When he played the role of Ron Burgandy he had the ability to flap his funny-man wings a little bit. That’s what Farrell needs to do, that’s what makes him hilarious.

Secondly, the writing was shocking and I mean shocking to the point of truly needing to walk out of the cinema, (believe me, I’ve never walked out of a movie before in my life). There were some great actors but, come on, Eva Mendes isn’t funny. No one that stunning can be funny. Also, the running joke about her being plain got incredibly tiresome. How many men in the cinema wanted to knee Farrell in the balls after that? It wore a bit too thin for my liking. 

Finally, all of those allusions to pimps, busting caps, bitches and hoes really wasn’t that creative, it was boring. I find that it’s all been done before. Ironically, I think the writers thought they were being terribly clever meshing serious drama with comedic stupidity. Well, I’ve got news for them – it was abysmal.

I didn’t laugh once.

Good luck trying to get through a viewing, bloggers.


– C

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Review: “Jolly Cafe”…

Small treats and big eats… 

"Jolly Cafe" - 158 Norton St, Leichhardt. Open Weekdays 10:30am-3:30pm; Weekends 8:30am-11:59pm.


It’s quaint, it’s understated and it’s incredibly fabulous. 

I truly don’t mind advertising this little cafe in Leichhardt because it was the best meal I’ve had out in a long time. Not only is the menu diverse but the service is unbelievably good and I was thoroughly surprised at how popular such a small cafe could be. I’m sure bookings aren’t essential but on popular days I’d recommend it i.e. Father’s Day. 

If anything, try the chocolate mud cake. As a true chocolate lover, I’ve never tasted anything that comes close to it. Seriously, it beats the cake at Max Brenner, The Belgian Chocolate Cafe in the Quay and the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place. Order one – now – do it. You know you want to… 

Phone: 9560 2434 for bookings, open seven days. 



It’s well worth a visit for lunch! 


– C

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Film review: “Tomorrow when the war began”…

A bestseller and a great piece of iconic literature…

It’s got to be an incredibly difficult task for a debut director to undertake. Nevertheless, Stuart Beattie has really tried hard with this film, perhaps too hard some might say. With spectacular visual effects and a fabulous pace, true to Marsden’s story, it definitely shows off Beattie’s gratuitous desire to make this film into an adaptation worthy of the book. However, the question remains: why wasn’t I satisfied by it?

I think it boils down to a single aspect: casting.

Sure, some of the kids acted their hearts out, especially Caitlin Stasey playing the role of “Ellie”, but in some instances it sounded as if they were reading out lines from their scripts and forgetting to apply some decent acting skills. Also, the actors didn’t mesh very well. This lack of interconnectedness left me struggling to understand how ‘close’ the characters truly were to one another.

The film really tried to be everything it could be in order to live up to Marsden’s story, but I think this inordinate amount of pressure from such epic demands made the end result mildly uncomfortable to watch, (especially with that “Lord of the rings” image of the ‘soldiers’ at the end). The film seemed too much, overdone and slightly pretentious.

Aside from that, it’s a definite step up for the Australian film industry. 

A solid effort.


– C


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