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Slothful intentions…

Attack of the sloth...

Did you know that a sloth, (let’s just call it a “general” sloth for argument’s sake – if you care that much about toe numbers please realise that nobody else does), moves up to thirty-eight metres a day?

Did you also know that these animals have such flexible necks that they can pretty much look wherever they want to?

I’m not sure if that’s some cruel joke, or just another display of Mother Nature’s sadistic design, but this animal makes a symbolic point. When we slow down it’s pretty weird how much we can see clearly, (ironically, of course, sloths have really bad eyesight…apparently…so I’ve read…on Wikipedia).


I haven’t had an inspirational thought, idea or opinion to write about for three months.

Right now my mind is screaming at me – “but so much has happened in three months you moron“.

Super sorrow, I say, super sorrow. For some unknown reason, whether it be confidence or whether it be candles, writing and thinking hasn’t taken place in my life for a while. That’s right – I have been an empty vessel of thought, waiting to be filled up until I’m bursting with half-assed comebacks and whiny retorts about modern living and our “civil” society.

Therefore, I have adopted a new hero – the sloth. Of course, my admiration evolves around its ability to survive, not its inability to move about. I’ve figured out that only until I can survey what I want from life exactly…or better yet, what to write about within the confines of my life, I’ll be able to start rambling to you again – rambling such nonsense, such oddities like, “is the Dahli Lama now a capitalist guilt tripping tactic” or “is Osama Bin Laden really dead”?

[On a side not, guess what my rambling is about after three months of silence? – sloths! How amazingly interesting is that?! Gold star, Catherine.]

Oh rhetoric and sarcasm, how I’ve missed you.

Well, that’s enough of a reintroduction…remember to tune in next week for another rambling idea that is collective only in the sense that I’ve thought of it…them…the ideas, I mean. Nothing coherent, just stream of consciousness from here on in, it’s truth enough for me.

Ta ta,


– C x



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