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Event: Festival Chorus Open Day hosted by the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs…

It’s official, people…

…choirs are cool and they’re open to EVERYONE!

Did you know that singing can reinvigorate your sense of wellbeing? Singing is a health kick –  I love it. No matter where I am or how embarrassed I make the people I’m with when I break out into song, singing is a must. It’s self-expression and confidence building – especially if you’re part of a choir. I mean, there’s an entire social networking side to it too. Who wants to hide behind a computer monitor all their lives? Sure, it has its appeal but performing is something spectacular…

When you go up on stage you’re free. Performing creates a feeling that is completely unique.There’s nothing quite like it – especially if you feel like more of an audience member…but singing is different. It’s personal and it’s usually a natural talent. To me, natural talent mustn’t be wasted…it’s like having the ability to fly but choosing to stay in a nest your whole life – unfulfilled.

It’s time to fly, everyone. The Festival Chorus Day on Sunday the 13th of February, hosted by the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, attempts to make the shift from speculating to participating fun and easy.

Fresh from a very successful year of performances in which they sang at the BBC Proms Opening Night in London, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs are kicking off 2011 with a recruitment drive.

“The idea behind Open Day is to give the potential singer, as much information about our choirs alongside the opportunity to sing in a large choral ensemble,” says Brett Weymark, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs Artistic Director and conductor.

“If you’re curious about choirs, this is an entertaining and supportive way to find out if it’s the right form of musical expression for you. The workshop aims to be entertaining and fun, and will give people a good idea as to whether they want to stay for the vocal assessments and placing at the end of the session,” says Brett.

The Festival Chorus has been created to serve as a ‘training choir’ for people who have always been interested in singing to determine if choral performance is for them. Perfectly suited to those who are vocal rich yet time poor, the Festival Chorus performs in just two concerts in 2011. This year they will sing one of the 20th Century’s most recognised pop-culture compositions, Orff’s Carmina Burana, made popular in countless tv commercials at the Sydney Opera House in May, and a collection of British choral works at the Sydney Town Hall in September in the collective performance titled Brighton to Bondi.

So, don’t be too scared or think it’s “nerdy”. You know it’s fun, you know you love it – the buck stops with you!

Festival Chorus Open Day
Sunday, 13 February 2011   2-5pm
Sydney Philharmonia Choirs Rehearsal Space
Pier 4 Walsh Bay, Hickson Rd, Millers Point

To register in Festival Chorus Open Day phone (02) 9251 2024
or visit

Feel free to email as well:

Keep on singing!


– C


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Symphony in the Domain 2011 – for everyone?

After a rather successful year of blogging in 2010 I thought I’d be really lazy and start my 2011 at the end of January. Aren’t I thoughtful? The real reason for this total neglect would have something to do with house hunting, job searching and laziness. Oh, the joys of laziness! One day I’ll end up thinking I’m in some sort of misguided time warp as I dig around for more Doritos while dreaming about some imaginary past….but that’s for the future to dictate – let’s get on with now…

As for today, this glorious day of days, I’m going to bump out some well needed thoughts about what we consider to be “free” in this country, (in terms of live entertainment), and why it can really suck being educated in certain circumstances…

I love classical music. I grew up with it, I danced to it and I played it, (and one day I will eventually start playing again), but that doesn’t make me some glorified snob. For instance, I know pretty much nothing about rap music. This makes me uneducated and in certain communities I can be considered to be incredibly thick. Therefore, when you go to a free event like Symphony in the Domain and witness a drunken brawl break out in front of you over some guy’s “bitch” (quote), you tend to think why so many people are there in the first place. Is it because it’s free and they can drink or is it because they enjoy the wonder that is classical music? Who knows? I will say this – if you want to get pissed go to a pub. Fair enough?

Apart from the overcrowding and questionable audience members, the Sydney Symphony played superbly. It’s always a thrill to watch Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture performed live amongst a wonderful array of fireworks and cannon fire.

Another special addition this year was John Bell. What a brilliant orator that man is, reciting soliloquy’s from some of Shakespeare’s greatest works – it was a special touch to the evening and it was definitely worth waiting for…if you’re as into Shakespeare as I am.

In summation, I love these free events because I consider them to be incredibly important in our day and age where nothing comes for “free “. Afterall, it’s so very hard to keep ones head above water financially we tend to forget what true enjoyment really is. However, it’s so disappointing to see idiots getting a kick out of picking fights with security staff just for the hell of it while John Bell recites the St. Crispin’s Day speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V. But it’s a free event right?

Peace and Happy New Year,

– C

P.S. For all of those Opera lovers remember that next Saturday night is Opera in the Domain – be sure to get a good seat!  Also, be sure to check out the launch of the Chinese New Year celebrations which start next Friday. Head on down to Belmore Park from 6pm – 8pm. Both are free events so don’t miss them.

All photos taken by Shane Van Laar @


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“The Changing Lanes Music Festival” hitting Newtown: September 19…

"The Changing Lanes Music Festival 2010" - Tickets on sale at

FBi Radio & MAPS Entertainment invite you to celebrate the cultural heart of Sydney’s Inner West! 

Featuring such acts as Tame Impala, Ernest Ellis and Bridezilla, the festival will take place in three locations all around Newtown. From Eliza Street to ‘The Courthouse Hotel’, it will be flooded with market and food stalls, street performers, and everything that’s ‘art’.

With live music acts ranging from 50s and 60s rock and blues in ‘The Courthouse’ to Dub-step and electro sounds from the rooftop of ‘Zanzibar’, there’s definitely something for everyone!

It’s going to be a collaborated celebration of culture, something that Sydney should be behind one hundred percent, and I can’t wait. Better yet, it’s FBi’s biggest fundraiser to date. That’s even more of a reason to get down there and enjoy yourself.


Date: 19th of September.

Venues: ‘The Courthouse Hotel’ (202 Australia St Newtown)  & ‘Zanzibar’ (323 King Street Newtown) & all over Eliza Street, Newtown.

Time: 12pm onward.

The tickets aren’t terribly expensive either. The first release ranged from $15 – $22.


on Twitter:

on Facebook:

See you there in the laneway!


– C

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Muse @ Sydney Acer Arena, Thursday 9th December…

Oh yeah, looking forward to this one!

I haven’t seen these guys live yet, (tragic), so it’s going to be pretty fantastic.

Tickets go on sale: 7th June

Performing on: 9th December @ Acer Arena

Don’t miss out!!!

MUSE: Matthew Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme & Dominic Howard

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Songs for Shakespeare…

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Florence + the Machine performing in Sydney at the Enmore Theatre, August 5th…

I’m seriously looking forward to this one, bloggers. Not only are they my favourite band but they’re playing in Sydney on my birthday. Doesn’t get much better then that!
Tickets go on sale Friday 21st of May and they’re going to sell like hotcakes so, if you’re like me and love this fabulous group, get in quick!


Thursday, August 5th at Sydney Enmore Theatre


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