Everybody deserves a chance…

It’s that time of the year again…

     … a time that means holidays, food and family, I thought I’d be cliché and conventional by pondering on those unhappy cases, those too proud to show their misfortune and those who go without day after day…

It’s a well-known fact that when interest rates go up, prospects for those on the edge go down. After doing some internet snooping I discovered that the estimated number of Australian children living in poverty reached three hundred and fifty thousand this year.

Think about that for a moment…

That’s the seating capacity of twenty Acer Arenas.

Acer Arena, Sydney.

I remember being five years old. I remember my little Christmas stocking, with a polar bear in a Santa hat stitched on the front, overflowing with presents. I remember my Grandmother lighting her Christmas pudding (which she still does every year), endless candy canes and Christmas cards from school, stupid little presents from novelty Christmas crackers that I kept for a whole four hours…

It’s memories like these that last a lifetime. Stuff is just that – it’s stuff. Relationships matter.

What I’m really trying to say is that as fleeting as time is, and as stupid as material things can be, it’s important to make gestures. I think that’s why I love Christmas so much. As truly awful as some presents that we receive can be, we smile sweetly and say ‘thank you’ because of the thought – the thought that someone cared enough to go to a shop, find a pair of misfitting socks, pay for them, go home and then wrap them in paper and ribbons to give to us especially.

Recently, someone told me how important it is to be grateful. As much as I complain about society, and how bloody awful certain situations can be, I’m grateful that I have so much opportunity. I can afford to live, I have supporting friends and family, I’m incredibly lucky.

That’s why this year, instead of thinking about it, I’m actually going to go out and make a gesture. As small as it may seem, it’s needed. Who wants to sit around feeling bad and muttering, “I can’t afford it”? I’m over it. That’s why, after I finish writing this post, I’m heading out the door and over to the St. Vincent de Paul’s centre down the street to donate something…anything.

It’s not just because it’s Christmas, nor is it some weird self-validating decision – it’s because I truly want to and I am grateful.

Peace on earth,

– C


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  1. troy

    Great idea 🙂

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