I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard of the ‘addictive personality’. You know, when a person goes from one fixation to the next? (That’s probably not the best definition in the whole world but let’s go with it) What’s intriguing about this labelling system is the sheer idea that we need it in the first place. Surely being passionate about many things is great and not a disorder? Or maybe it’s truly a dangerous thing to be so flippant or so engrossed in an addiction. I suppose the object or subject to which the addiction is associated with is where the danger lies…actually I’m sure of it – duh! 

This trait can be self-destructive. To excuse it as a disorder is one thing but to tolerate its harmful side is a whole other story. Addiction becomes a dependable trait…it’s soul consuming until, in some cases, one may find that they feel obsolete, nullified…without purpose (except to fulfill the said addiction.) What is good about addiction? Not much at all, really.

The label is confusing. I suppose it’s up to who’s interpreting what it means in the first place, or the context in which it is said in, but the term still stinks. Clearly, I dislike it to the point of making an issue about it but, to me, it can never be a fabulous thing to tell someone. Unless, of course, if you’re saying someone’s personality is addictive to YOU, that you love it so much it’s becoming an addiction for you to be around it.

I’m sure I’m going to hell in a duffel bag for saying it, because the definition I’ve given is not exactly “clinically correct”…but I think the term demeans people and makes them feel truly hopeless about themselves. Bad, I say, bad! I don’t think diagnosis solves much, not in mental health anyway. It just incurs more worry…

That is all, for the moment…


– C

{P.S. Again, sorry about the absence. Life and its drudgery can be a huge road block at times.}


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  1. andrew

    this one is so true…. never change!!! 🙂 love reading these! xx

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