Art for Arp’s sake…

Get ready for my Sunday complaint, people…

Topic: The meaning of life, (big surprise).

“…and it went wherever I did go.” The Monty Python boys in their prime, “The meaning of life”, (1983).

What else is there to think about on a Sunday, really? Probably politics or whether or not to have a Nanna nap before the news…

However, as this is what I like to call an ‘inanimate day’, (naturally feeling bad for those poor chefs and bus drivers), it got me thinking about our incessant need to ‘mean’ things. It’s as if we must prove ourselves to those countless others who are attempting to prove themselves at the same time to others who are proving themselves to everyone else! Confusing and badly expressed, right? 

“Look, Marge, I have an opinion on your opinion about sheep…”

“That’s all very well, Bob, but I’ll top that with some fact that the media has brain washed me into thinking so that I can prove how my opinion truly triumphs in validity over yours.”

Big who cares!

Yes, it’s important to have an opinion and yes it’s important to have your reasons, but it’s truly stomach turning when someone imposes their beliefs on others in order to change everybody’s way of thinking. On this side note I’d like to add that open-mindedness is the key. Obviously it’s hard to do, especially if you fancy yourself a writer, however it’s necessary in order to learn. I say take off those arrogant blinkers, you’re no better than the guy who’s lost his entire life savings, sitting in the gutter and asking for money.

Express yourself. Let’s all be absurd. Take a sponge, rub it in the dirt outside, frame it and title it: “An act of vengeance“. Afterall, meaning is formulated or invented.

Then again, don’t we just make it up as we go along, sticking to routines and ‘have-tos’ along the way?

What did that eccentric exhibitionist Salvador Dali say?

“The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents”.


Then again he did say that money was a glory. The Surrealist Manifesto states surrealism as being, “the dictation of thought in the absence of all control“. Relevance? He had a boundary free existence and thought without ‘thinking’, so to speak. Now THAT is the definition of open-mindedness…

Art should be boundless.

That is all for now. It’s not thoroughly insightful, I apologise. It seems I’m yet to find fluidity and consistency in this medium. It’s all about confidence, I suppose.


– C



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2 responses to “Art for Arp’s sake…

  1. troy

    Confidence would certainly help to prove you’re right 😉

    I’m not so sure it’s a need to impose our beliefs on others though. That sounds kinda, well …imposing -lol. I’d like to think that as the wonderful human creatures we are, we sincerely wish for others to be as happy as ourselves – so when we find something that ‘works’ for us we can’t help but to think it’ll work for everyone else. It’s a closed-minded way of thinking for sure …but I have hope for us!

    At least on an inanimate Sunday that is.

    • I realise what I’ve stated seems overly imposing, especially when I’m trying to be…well…the complete opposite.
      I guess it’s like Tim Minchin said – “if you open your mind too much your brain might fall out”.
      Stick to the comfort zone?

      I appreciate your response. 🙂

      – C

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