Review: “The Other Guys”…

Save your money, it's not that funny. "The Other Guys" dir. Adam McKay

It just doesn’t work.

As I walked out of the movie theatre, while it was still in session, I figured out some possible reasons to why I felt so negatively about the film’s supposed hilarity.

Firstly, the two leading roles had zero chemistry. Mark Wahlberg was cast in a much more stronger and overbearing role than Will Farrell. Surely McKay should have questioned this. Afterall, Farrell is the type of comedian that needs to take the more domineering comedic role – just take a look at Anchorman. When he played the role of Ron Burgandy he had the ability to flap his funny-man wings a little bit. That’s what Farrell needs to do, that’s what makes him hilarious.

Secondly, the writing was shocking and I mean shocking to the point of truly needing to walk out of the cinema, (believe me, I’ve never walked out of a movie before in my life). There were some great actors but, come on, Eva Mendes isn’t funny. No one that stunning can be funny. Also, the running joke about her being plain got incredibly tiresome. How many men in the cinema wanted to knee Farrell in the balls after that? It wore a bit too thin for my liking. 

Finally, all of those allusions to pimps, busting caps, bitches and hoes really wasn’t that creative, it was boring. I find that it’s all been done before. Ironically, I think the writers thought they were being terribly clever meshing serious drama with comedic stupidity. Well, I’ve got news for them – it was abysmal.

I didn’t laugh once.

Good luck trying to get through a viewing, bloggers.


– C


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