Review: “Jolly Cafe”…

Small treats and big eats… 

"Jolly Cafe" - 158 Norton St, Leichhardt. Open Weekdays 10:30am-3:30pm; Weekends 8:30am-11:59pm.


It’s quaint, it’s understated and it’s incredibly fabulous. 

I truly don’t mind advertising this little cafe in Leichhardt because it was the best meal I’ve had out in a long time. Not only is the menu diverse but the service is unbelievably good and I was thoroughly surprised at how popular such a small cafe could be. I’m sure bookings aren’t essential but on popular days I’d recommend it i.e. Father’s Day. 

If anything, try the chocolate mud cake. As a true chocolate lover, I’ve never tasted anything that comes close to it. Seriously, it beats the cake at Max Brenner, The Belgian Chocolate Cafe in the Quay and the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place. Order one – now – do it. You know you want to… 

Phone: 9560 2434 for bookings, open seven days. 



It’s well worth a visit for lunch! 


– C


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