A global balancing act…

Has it come to this?

Too extreme? Frenchman Alain Robert climbs the 150-metre tall Lumiere apartment building in Sydney.

Forty-eight year old Alain Robert was arrested this morning for illegally climbing a large building without the proper restraints or authority. Of course, this wasn’t the first time Alain’s been arrested in Australia. This time, however, he’s been lucky enough to get off scot-free even though he continuously disrespects the laws of this country.

Apparently, Alain’s highly dangerous acts, (now up to eighty buildings worldwide), help raise awareness about global warming by drawing attention to the ‘One Hundred Month’ (www.onehundredmonths.org) campaign. Don’t you find it slightly upsetting that in today’s society it takes a Frenchman with a death wish to raise awareness about global warming? It’s almost as bad as suicide bombing. Has our society become so careless that we can only find interest in something if it’s this finite and terrifying?

Thank you, Alain, but stop trying to kill yourself. You’re highly inventive but I’m sure no one wants you to go to such extremes. Then again, perhaps they do…


– C



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2 responses to “A global balancing act…

  1. Shane

    I don’t see the correlation between the two other than the obvious media coverage, I believe global warming awareness could be raised in a much less dangerous, life-threatening way and have the same impact.

    And these other approaches are being practiced by other organizations, with quite some success. I think it is quite frightening that society may need such a stunt to draw their attention towards a global issue.

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