Adam Liaw: Australia’s Masterchef 2010…

Well done Adam Liaw. 

"Adam Liaw" Australia's Masterchef 2010.


Eighty-nine out of one hundred – our new Australian “Masterchef”! 

Although I was voting for the under-dog, the final title was well deserved. Callum Hann is a gorgeous young man and I truly hope he goes far. As for Adam – I’m sure his obvious passion and creative flare for beautiful dishes will make his restaurant an immense success. Who can wait to taste his stuff? 

Grand finalists: "Adam Liaw" & "Callum Hann" - Masterchef Australia, (2010).


It’s been a pretty brilliant season. Don’t get me wrong, it had its moments of being drawn out and a tad ‘dry’ at times, but it’s not to say that it wasn’t incredibly dramatic, highly addictive and a truly creative show to watch.   

Contestants in Australia's Masterchef, 2010.


From Jamie Oliver in London to The Country Woman’s Association back at home, it’s been a lot of fun and I, for one, can not wait for the next season. 

I love you, Matt! - "Matt Preston", (2010).


Seriously, who doesn’t love Matty Preston and his fabulous fashion sense? 


Nice work, everyone! 



– C


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