Review: ‘Inception’


 An event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events… 

"Inception", (dir. Christopher Nolan), in cinemas now.


From beginning to end, “Inception” is nothing short of a triumph. Nolan has truly out done himself with this one. Not only is it an action-packed adventure, (complimented with the quality performances of Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page), but it’s poignant, it’s intellectually intriguing and it definitely challenges the boundaries of its genre. 

"Leonardo Di Caprio" (Cobb) and "Ellen Page" (Ariadne), starring in "Inception", (2010).


Dreams come alive, the subconscious is personified as an uncontrollable force and the deepest of secrets are locked away behind emotional vaults. The film is a whirlwind of creative coincidences that defy gravity and your sense of reality.  

A brilliant, law defying moment in the film, "Inception", (2010).


In order to understand this film you must walk into the theatre with an open mind. There is no doubt that you will be awe-struck by its conceptual and cinematographical brilliance, especially with its thought-provoking conclusion. Additionally, the film’s musical score works extraordinarily well with its thematic mysticism and non-stop action, (this always seems to be the case with Hans Zimmer).  

"Leonardo DiCaprio" (Cobb) - "Inception", (2010).


Some may say “Inception” has too many creative concepts that have previously been alluded to by films such as “The Matrix” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind“. To Nolan’s credit, there’s such a unique spin on these similarities in this film that you forget about its likeness in the first place. Holistically, “Inception” leaves you breathless from its unending suspense and incredible spectacle. 

Thirty-nine year old "Christopher Nolan", (2010).


It’s truly inspiring when a young director can make such a successfully original film. Nolan’s previous cinematic sensations, (“Momento”, “The Dark Knight”), have also been ingenious in their artistry. He’s developed a truly unique style that’s working incredibly well for him. 


 With such a  film as this one, it’s best to watch it in style. Book a couple of ‘Gold Class’ tickets because the experience is definitely well worth it.    

“True inspiration is impossible to fake…”  

Nothing unknown is knowable in the architecture of one’s own mind.   

You’ll enjoy this one, it really stays with you. 


– C 




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2 responses to “Review: ‘Inception’

  1. Shane

    So excited to see this film and you’re just making it worse. I really can not wait. I loved both ‘Momento’ and “The Dark Knight’, absolutely amazing, ground-breaking director and visionary in his own right.

    Great review that really excites and intrigues without giving away any of the story. Nicely written, Cat.

  2. I want to write a comment but Shane has already said everything perfectly – well done! x.

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