‘Gelato Messina’ = gelato heaven…


This place is the definition of innovative yumminess! 

After sampling many of their unique flavours, (i.e apple pie and gingerbread), my dining companion and I settled for a tub of three varieties and, as a lover of pistachio flavour, I have to say I’ve never tasted gelato like it… 


It even had a lingering after taste that simply forced you to devour more and more. Not realising this at the time, by the end of the evening, the tub was practically empty. Talk about gluttony…but it was well worth every dinky-little spoon full… 

In summation – you’ve all got to try this at least once. If you’re in the area looking for something indulgent, give it a try. 

Address: – Shop 1/241 Victoria St, Darlinghurst 


– C



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3 responses to “‘Gelato Messina’ = gelato heaven…

  1. Just dodge the hookers 😛

  2. Angelina

    Looks and sounds divine 🙂

  3. yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Mmmmmm… Must track this down..

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