A “LOST” cause…(spoiler alert!)


It was artistic. 

It was original. 

It was unsatisfying… 

It’s pointless to jump to the negatives about this show straight away. Admittedly, this show had its moments and there were plenty of them. Like many TV shows, ‘LOST’ seemed to have thrived on anticipation. Anything could have happened to those characters, let’s face it. However, it wasn’t necessarily a blank canvas, in creative terms, for the writers after season one… 

"The Last Supper" - the cast of 'LOST'


There was a monster, an animal, a miracle, another plane, multiple ghosts, a hatch, a mysterious French woman, a disappearance and a fat guy, (a lovely fat guy), that wasn’t losing weight… 

“Now what?” 

How the hell could the writers link everything together and not make it nonsensical? This is where the show became intriguing – after the sheer disaster that was season one the challenge was making sense of the show while sustaining a sense of mystery. Kudos to the writing team – talk about highly ‘out-there’ guidelines… 

"Desmond Hume" (Henry Ian Cusick)


Thank goodness the writers created the character ‘Desmond Hume’ – talk about a show saver, (not to mention an incredibly yummy addition to the cast). If it wasn’t for his appearance in season two who knows where the show would have ended up. He provided the essential ‘flesh’ of the story in the following seasons, the links needed for many of the questions raised throughout the show and, very appropriately, a strong unity with all of the characters – right down to the final episode. So, whichever writer thought up this ‘power’ character – you’re a genius. 

"John Locke" (Terry O'Quinn)


Then there’s the character “John Locke”. It was obvious from the get go that he had to be a very special person and had to be treated with an air of superiority, (in creative terms). He was the ‘miracle’ after all. However, his demise at the end of season four was both an amazing turning point for the show as well as a foolish creative decision. The show needed Locke, it needed the miracle – but the miracle had died. What happened to this idea of ‘destiny’? 

"Jacob" (Mark Pellegrino)


Enter the ‘good versus evil’, ‘Cain versus Abel’, ‘God versus the Devil’ story that became “Jacob” and “The man in black”. It was a very clever concept to invent this figurative evil with no true name while incorporating Locke’s image back into the show, almost as a compensatory ‘reason’ for his death. However, “the man in black’s” entrance was without any true back story – nor was Jacob’s. The writers were clever to have all these biblical allusions flying out everywhere in the final season, but there seemed to be something lacking and many of the questions about the true purpose of the island remained unanswered. For instance, why did Jacob only have to visit the ‘candidates’ once, (in highly insignificant circumstances), in order for them to get to the island? That didn’t make much sense… 

The cast of "LOST" - Season 6 "The Final Chapter"


There were many of these unanswered questions towards the end of the, rather short, “Final Chapter” that was season six. However, there was a great sense of purpose, without any of us truly understanding what it was, associated specifically with the character “Jack Shepherd”. 

"Jack Shepherd" (Matthew Fox)


His role progressively diminished throughout the show, however, his key moments were in two of the weakest seasons – one and six. His sense of leadership, (with a symbolic surname to boot), became essential, even at the last moments of his life. It was an odd ending – both happy and sad at the same time, still possessing an element of obscure purposefulness. 

"Christian Shepherd" (John Terry) helps his son "Jack" (Matthew Fox) move on at the end of all things.


When it comes to anticipation, we’re always going to be disappointed with any kind of ending. However, the writer’s needed to answer ALL of the questions in order to make the last few episodes successful. Like – why did the Dharma initiative specifically use polar bears ?… 

It was a great adventure – that’s for sure. For something that was so lost in itself, it eventually came together after six years of feverish writing. Well done – it was a good effort. 

I highly recommend everyone gives it a chance, at least from the beginning. It’s seriously a lot of fun and the music score is sublime. Thank you, Michael Giacchino. 


– C



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4 responses to “A “LOST” cause…(spoiler alert!)

  1. Jules

    Great article 😀

    Agree with most of it! Have you ever read the Chrysalids? One of my favourite books, but the end was a let down. The direction of the show as a whole reminded me of that, incredible set up, real investment in the characters, some cool shit happens, then a crappy and dissatisfying ending.

    Pretty sure the polar bear was assumed to be Dharma.

  2. Hey Catherine, just subscribing

  3. Virginia

    Although I loved the series finale — the idea that they had all died and that the title, LOST, was a metaphor for the fact that they were all lost before finding each other in death — I do wish they’d set it up a little less….. hastily, if you will.
    Still, on the whole, I adore Lost. 🙂

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