Sunday isn’t Sunday…

Well, it’s been a week bloggers!

I love these comics –

A big thank you to all the people who’ve been bored enough to read some of my opinions – I appreciate every comment.

Unfortunately, for me, I didn’t have time to head on into the Sydney Writer’s Festival or the Jazz & Blues Festival, (Darling Harbour), over the weekend.  Such a shame. They both have some great, inexpensive stuff – everybody loves freebies!

Winter is setting in early and giving me that over all tired feeling. It’s time to hibernate and settle in by the fire with an Alpaca throw rug and some hot chocolate. (How yummy is chocolate, seriously? I feel so sorry all of those people allergic to its deliciousness.)

That reminds me – I was recently waltzing around the Quay, as I do, and I dropped into this place called ‘The Belgium Chocolate Cafe’. I had the most amazing hot chocolate ever and the environment was trendy, yet quaint, (just my cup of cocoa). All I can say is yum scrum pigs bum!

Circular Quay

Guylian Belgium Chocolate Cafe – Circular Quay, (Oh, so yummy…)


Now, go eat some fruit…or chocolate.


– C


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