How embarrassing…

Why do we fear embarrassment so much?

Seriously, what’s the big deal? Society has taught us that the concept of embarrassment is associated with the socially retarded. Sad, but oh so true. Nevertheless, a solution to this awkward emotion can come from the awkwardness itself…

Recently, the American/ English comic actor Rich Fulcher taught me ways to enhance my self-respect and confidence by using embarrassment as a key social tool.

In his recent book, “Tiny acts of rebellion: 97 almost-legal ways to stick it to the man“, Rich alludes to the nature of embarrassment as a way to empower you and give you control over any social situation. For instance, in Act.18, (Yelling random, inappropriate, syphilitic squid), his solution to an incredibly boring and stilted conversation is to proudly and loudly exclaim, “faggot ranch!”, at the top of your lungs. The ice will break immediately and the rest of the night will result in unexpressed desires and poop jokes. Of course, this is all well and good in theory, but what’s important to note about Rich’s crazy mind is that in order to get over the joke – become the joke!

I know it’s a lesson that has been preached a million time but I think it’s an important reminder to everyone that life isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously. If you’re not exclaiming, “I like fudge”, as loud as you can in a busy shopping centre I think it’s well worth a trial.

I don’t think it’s wise to get bogged down in what other people think of you so much. After all, who really cares? If everyone’s worrying about themselves and their own behaviour, when do they have time to worry about you saying, “I eat dogs”?

In any case, I think this book is a great boost to anyone who lacks self-confidence. We all need to get over what’s ’embarrassing’ and learn how to have a good laugh once in a while. Who has time to worry, right?

Thank you, Rich Fulcher!

Reminding us all to stick it to the man once in a while..


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  1. Gus

    Nice blog. Where did you get this book. I want!
    Gus OAM

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