Songs for Shakespeare…

Conductor: Brett Weymark

Assistant Conductor: David A. Taylor

Soloist: Peter Coleman-Wright (baritone)

The Sydney Philharmonia Festival Chorus and The Sydney Philharmonia Orchestra

When I heard there was a musical dedication to the great William Shakespeare and his incredible plays there was no doubt in mind that I just had to attend this concert. Firstly, it combined two of my greatest loves – music and theatre and secondly, who doesn’t love a quality performance by the great Peter Coleman-Wright? I think it’s safe to admit that everyone was blown away by his performance that night. Everyone loves a quality baritone, (especially me)… 

Weymark impressed us again with his professionalism and fabulous energy. Conducting everything from Prokofiev to Verdi, it was a brilliant sound and pleasure to watch. Not only did the choir deliver cheeky authenticity in the Song of the witches, (Macbeth, Act IV. Sc. I), but they shocked the audience with cheers from Henry the fifth and merriment with the encore performance of Brush up your Shakespeare (Cole Porter). I think it’s safe to say that after such a diverse performance, everyone left the Concert Hall feeling quite pretentious, reciting the lines and sonnets from many of his infamous works…aren’t we all terrible smart! 

With the inclusion of visual excerpts from Hamlet, (Laurence Olivier), to Macbeth, (Nicol Williamson), it turned out to be a highly innovative and entertaining evening. The only thing that was amiss were the empty seats!

Therefore, my question is…

Why aren’t people interested in quality live entertainment anymore? I say to you bloggers out there, get away from the box and head out to the theatre. There’s nothing quite like it..

Well done, Philharmonia!

– Catherine M. Fowell


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